Blendoor is hiring technology that reduces unconscious bias by hiding data that's not relevant and highlighting data that is.



We have a database of over 10,000 qualified, diverse (68% Women, 40% Black|Latino|Native, 26% technical) candidates seeking to match with companies that explicitly prioritize equity, diversity AND inclusion.


Blendoor captures candidate data from your existing applicant tracking systems and/or online job boards. Candidate profiles are then ‘blendorized’ - displayed without name, photo, or dates to mitigate unconscious bias.


Blendoor collects EEO demographic data to enable talent pipeline analytics based on race, gender, LGBTQ, veteran, and disabled identities. Our data allows you to see where bias happens. Accountability drives behavior.


67% of passive & active job seekers cite diversity as an important factor in evaluating companies and job offers (Glassdoor). BlendScoreTM is a dynamic, data-driven rating that showcases your diversity branding efforts to potential applicants


Stephanie Lampkin
Founder & CEO

Daniel Malmer

Helen C Smith
Business Development

Ricardo Eights


Data, people analytics, transparency and accountability will be the driving force behind the push toward meritocratic or skills-based hiring. BlendScore analyzes publicly available information, survey responses, and real-time data (check out: Blendoor Bias Index). We have assigned a rating to 138 top technology companies based on demographics of the leadership team, retention satistics & strategies, recruiting practices, and social impact initiatives.

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